Fees are invoiced monthly in advance, and are divided into 12 monthly payments. Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

We are open 8:00am to 6:00pm
(7:45am early start is available upon request)

Fee Information for 3 months to 3 Year olds


Session Times Fee
Full Week 8am to 6pm
Monday – Friday
Full Day 8am to 6pm £58.30
Part Day 9am to 4pm £50.90
AM including Lunch 8am to 1pm £38.20
PM 1pm to 6pm £36.00
Early Start 7:45am to 8am (on request) £3.20
Occasional Nursery (Children attending ad hoc sessions, meals charged separately) Per Hour £8.35

All Meals and Snacks are included in the session prices
(10% discount for siblings – on eldest child only)

Please read carefully our Terms and conditions before enrolling your child at the nursery.

Fee Information for over 3 year olds

(10% discount for siblings – on eldest child only)

3+ Times Price
FEEE Up to 15/30 Hours
(Free Early Education Entitlement)
9am to 12pm
1pm to 4pm
9am to 3pm (Lunch charge applies)
Snack Charges are a voluntary contribution of 40p per 3 hour session
Hourly Wrap Around Per Hour – charged in 30 minute increments £6.70
Early Start 7:45am to 8:00am (on request) £3.20


Meals Prices
Breakfast – Cereals and Toast £1.50
Morning Snack (3 Hour session) 40p
Hot Lunch – Served at 12 noon, 2 Course £4.50
Afternoon Snack (3 Hour Session) 40p
Tea – Served at 4pm, 2 course £3.30